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AIM To assess the prevalence of persistent microalbuminuria (MAU), its clinical correlates by dip stick method, its predictive value for potential kidney disease and the utility of this test as objective cue for health care seeking behavior in adult Indian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. MATERIALS AND METHODS Approximately 400,000 patients shall(More)
The Anesthesiologist provides continuous medical care before, during, and after operation to permit the surgeons to perform surgeries; sometimes quite challenging that could otherwise cause substantial threats to the patient's survival. Anesthesiologists, because of their combination of skills are uniquely qualified to care for dying patients suffering from(More)
Religious mass gatherings are increasingly common in Iraq and can harbour considerable public health risks. This study was aimed at determining morbidity and mortality patterns in hospitals in Karbala city, Iraq during the mass gathering for Ashura in 2010. We conducted a cross-sectional study on attendees at the 3 public hospitals in the city. The study(More)
BACKGROUND Fiberoptic intubation is a technique commonly used for difficult airways. Conscious sedation is desirable to make this procedure tolerable, and it is essential that patients are cooperative, relaxed, and comfortable especially when difficult airway anatomy or pathology is encountered. OBJECTIVE To compare the safety and efficacy of propofol(More)
Background: Caudal block is a regional anesthesia technique most commonly used for post-operative analgesia in children undergoing infraumbilical surgeries. The local anesthetics used in caudal block have the shortcoming of less duration of action which can be increased by adding adjuncts. The aim of our study was to compare the duration of post-operative(More)
The ubiquity of contemporary terrorism defines the evilness of banality. A typical terrorist profile does not exist; it’s atypical character of this vile phenomenon that chills human rationality. This article briefly unravels the dynamics of terror and its implications. Un-separated terrorism and counter-terrorism destroy the climate for civil(More)
Centralized Authentication Service (CAS) is a single sign-on protocol for the web. Its purpose is to permit a user to log into multiple applications simultaneously and automatically. It also allows web applications to authenticate users without gaining access to a user’s security credentials, such as a password. Single sign-on allows a user to enter his or(More)
The operation theater (OT) environment is the most complex and volatile workplace where two coequal physicians share responsibility of one patient. Difference in information, opinion, values, experience and interests between a surgeon and anesthesiologist may arise while working in high-pressure environments like OT, which may trigger conflict. Quality of(More)
BACKGROUND Intrathecal opioids added to low dose local anesthetics in spinal anaesthesia intensifies sensory block without affecting sympathetic blockade. Aim was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of intrathecal levobupivacaine plain versus levobupivacaine plus fentanyl in infraumbilical surgeries. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective randomized(More)