Brij Bala Arora

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Since the advent of human immunodeficiency virus infection, with its profound and progressive effect on the cellular immune system, a group of human opportunistic pathogens has come into prominence. Opportunistic parasitic infection can cause severe morbidity and mortality. Because many of these infections are treatable, an early and accurate diagnosis is(More)
Granulosa cell tumor (GCT) of the adult type is a rare and slow-growing neoplasm in the testis. This tumor may be associated with endocrine manifestations and resemble classic GCT of the ovary morphologically. It has a potential for distant metastasis or recurrence late in the clinical course. We report a case of granulose cell tumor of the testis, adult(More)
The incidence of sex chromatin in tumour cell nuclei was estimated in twenty five cases each of carcinoma and fibroadenoma breast using haematoxylin and eosin, thionine, aceto-orcein and Papanicolaou's stains on imprint-smears. The sex chromatin incidence in fibroadenoma was found similar to that of normal breast tissue but the incidence markedly decreased(More)
A case of fibromatosis of the breast in a 30 years old female is described. Only a few cases have been previously reported. It is anticipated that fibromatosis of breast behaves in a similar fashion to fibromatosis occurring in other sites. It is a locally aggressive lesion which exhibits a high incidence of local recurrence following incomplete excision.
Extraskeletal chondroma is a rare entity. A fairly benign condition, it is usually seen in adults. It presents as an enlarging mass, most commonly in the hand. Local excision is the treatment of choice. We present a case of extraskeletal chondroma of hand in a 12 year male child. Its variable histological appearance not infrequently leads to a mistaken(More)
This study highlights the rare presentation of anaplastic large cell lymphoma as primary bone and soft tissue tumour. Twelve cases were studied. Clinical impression was non Hodgkin's lymphoma in 4 cases, sarcoma in 6 (osteosarcoma-2, Ewing's/primitive neuroectodermal tumour-1, and sarcoma NOS-3), and tuberculosis of thoracic spine in 1 and the last case(More)