Brigitte Ringbauer

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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of anxiety and depressive disorders in patients referred to general neurology outpatient clinics, to compare disability and number of somatic symptoms in patients with and without emotional disorder, the relation to neurological disease, and assess the need for psychiatric treatment as perceived by patients and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine (a) the proportion of patients referred to general neurology outpatient clinics whose symptoms are medically unexplained; (b) why they were referred; (c) health status and emotional disorder in this group compared with patients whose symptoms are explained by "organic" neurological disease. METHODS The prospective cohort study with(More)
This paper describes the user-centred approach that the Fraunhofer IAO usability engineering team took for a smart home project called LIVEfutura. The major research issues were to see what would people find useful for the home and how to support their needs. The approach that the team followed essentially incorporated three factors (physical, cognitive and(More)