Brigitte Poulin

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The processing of a target chord depends on the previous musical context in which it has appeared. This harmonic priming effect occurs for fine syntactic-like changes in context and is observed irrespective of the extent of participants' musical expertise (Bigand & Pineau, Perception and Psychophysics, 59 (1997) 1098). The present study investigates how the(More)
1 Multi-season reflectance data from radiometrically and geometrically corrected 2 multispectral SPOT-5 images of 10-m resolution were combined with thorough field campaigns 3 and land cover digitizing using a binary classification tree algorithm to estimate the area of 4 marshes covered with common reeds (Phragmites australis) and submerged macrophytes 5(More)
Common reed is increasingly harvested from the Mediterranean region toprovide thatching material to north European countries. The impact of thesemanagement practices on the fauna is poorly known. The aim of this study was toquantify the effect of reed cutting in the Mediterranean region through acomparative analysis of water regime, vegetation structure,(More)
Although tropical forest birds are known to prey upon small lizards and frogs, no study has documented the attributes of vertebrate-eating birds or whether birds prey opportunistically on the different elements of the herpetofauna within tropical communities. This study is based on a 14-mo investigation on avian diet, supplemented with a 3-y census of frogs(More)
An understanding of risks to biodiversity is needed for planning action to slow current rates of decline and secure ecosystem services for future human use. Although the IUCN Red List criteria provide an effective assessment protocol for species, a standard global assessment of risks to higher levels of biodiversity is currently limited. In 2008, IUCN(More)
Plants potentially compete for seed dispersal. Selection may favour temporally segregated fruiting phenologies to minimize this competition and also to maintain resident populations of dispersal agents. Alternatively, selection may favour temporally aggregated fruiting phenologies when the effectiveness of seed dispersal agents varies seasonally or when(More)
The phenomenal growth of power systems has put burden on the transformer industry to supply consistent and cost-effective transformers. Any failure of a transformer or its component will impair the system performance and social setup. The reliability of a transformer is a major concern to users and manufacturers for ensuring a trouble-free performance(More)
Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti) is the most commonly used larvicide to control mosquitoes worldwide. Considered as nontoxic to most organisms, Bti can nevertheless cause trophic perturbations to natural communities by reducing the abundance of Chironomidae, which are a key element of wetland food webs. Since August 2006, up to 8400 of the 33(More)
Mediterranean wetlands are increasingly managed to maintain their functions and services following modification in water allocation, embankment and climate change, calling for proactive and adaptive water management. In a first step, we used long-term monitoring of water levels in 37 adjacent embanked marshes in the Camargue as a repeated non-controlled(More)