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In order to improve the basis upon which to advise women with diabetic nephropathy about pregnancy, we studied the effect of diabetic nephropathy on the course of pregnancy, perinatal out-come, infant development and long-term outcome of the mothers. All pregnancies of women with diabetic nephropathy (defined as proteinuria >400 mg/day (n=26), creatinine(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the natural course of clinical remission in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) when insulin dose is minimized without loss of target glycemia and to identify factors that predict clinical remission. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Ninety-five patients, who were placebo-treated control subjects in the Canadian-European multicenter(More)
1. Eine normale Differenzierung der Plazentazotten bei Diabetes m. ist trotz intensiver Bemiihungen der KH-Stoffwechselnormalisierung in der 2. H~ilfte der Schwangerschaft nicht m6glich. 2. Auch beim Gestationsdiabetes kommt es zu histomorphometrischen Ver~inderungen, die sich durch St6rungen des Intermedi~irstoffwechsels bereits in der Frfihschwangerschaft(More)
During the last decades the incidence of diabetes has dramatically increased as well as the number of pregnant diabetic women. There is still missing data regarding patterns and shifts of immune cell populations due to pregnancy with or without diabetes. The study aimed to investigate the impact of pregnancy, type 1 diabetes (T1D) and gestational diabetes(More)
An der Universit/itsfrauenklinik Diisseldorfwurden in den Jahren 1981 1986 in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Diabetologen und Kinder/irzten 308 Schwangerschaften yon Patientinnen mit Kohlenhydratstoffwechselst6rungen betreut. Die perinatalen Ergebnisse wurden denen der 184 Schwangerschaften aus den Jahren 1975-1980 gegeniibergestellt. Der Anteil an Primigravidae(More)
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