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In the next generation of wireless networks, mobile users can move between heterogeneous networks, using terminals with multiple access interfaces and non-real-time or real-time services. The most important issue in such environment is the Always Best Connected (ABC) concept allowing the best connectivity to applications anywhere at anytime. To answer ABC(More)
Recommended by Athanasios Vasilakos Future generation wireless networks should provide to mobile users the best connectivity to services anywhere at anytime. The most challenging problem is the seamless intersystem/vertical mobility across heterogeneous wireless networks. In order to answer it, a vertical handover management system is needed. In our paper,(More)
—This paper proposes to improve policy-based management by integrating security parameters into the Service Level Specification (SLS). Integrating those parameters in the QoS part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) specification is of particular importance for multimedia services requiring security since QoS is negotiated when the multimedia service is(More)