Brigitte H E Smith

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We studied the effects of feeding an antioxidant blend of vitamins, minerals and carotenoids to a mixed adult dog population (n = 40, mean 4.4 +/- 1.85 y) for a 16-wk period. Compared to the control group of dogs (n = 20), the antioxidant (AOX)-supplemented group of dogs (n = 20) demonstrated significant increases in plasma levels of vitamin E and taurine(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of dietary potassium citrate supplementation on the urinary pH, relative supersaturation of calcium oxalate and struvite (defined as the activity product/solubility product of the substance), and concentrations of magnesium, ammonium, phosphate, citrate, calcium, and oxalate in dogs. ANIMALS 12 healthy adult dogs. (More)
Because dietary ingredients and feeding patterns influence the volume, pH and solute concentration of urine, diet can contribute to the etiology, management or prevention of recurrence of some causes of lower urinary tract disease. Most research assessing the effect of diet has focused on the latter two aspects, primarily because of interest in struvite(More)
Advances in neuroscience research have led to substantial expansion and even revision of many concepts of neuronal structure and function. The essence of this progress is contained in the knowledge that there are multiple modes of information processing in neurons and even subneuronal elements such as the dendrite. The challenge and opportunity of the new(More)