Brigitte Charlier

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It is known that deaf individuals usually outperform normal hearing subjects in speechreading; however, the underlying reasons remain unclear. In the present study, speechreading performance was assessed in normal hearing participants (NH), deaf participants who had been exposed to the Cued Speech (CS) system early and intensively, and deaf participants(More)
Abacavir is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor largely used as part of the antiretroviral therapy in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-infected patients. Some individuals (2-9%) who start an abacavir treatment show an immunologic reaction indicated as hypersensitivity reaction syndrome (HSR) that is often responsible for therapy discontinuation(More)
This paper will report on the evaluation experience in two SOCRATES projects focused on change in Higher Education. The projects were international in scope involving 6 countries and 20 institutions within the last four years. The paper reflects on change in institutions specifically, especially those introduced by the use of ICT and it suggests the(More)
The effects of some anticonvulsant drugs have been investigated on gamma-hydroxybutyrate release from rat hippocampal and striatal slices. Sodium valproate and ethosuximide inhibited the depolarization-evoked release of gamma-hydroxybutyrate induced by 40 mM K+. The IC50 values for these two drugs are in the concentration range of valproate and ethosuximide(More)
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