Brigitta Elsässer

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The absolute configurations of plumericin (1) and isoplumericin (2), isolated from Plumeria rubra, were re-assigned based on a combination of X-ray crystal-structure determination and quantum-mechanical calculations of their circular dichroism (CD) spectra. The experimental CD spectra showed an excellent match with those calculated for the (1S,5R,8R,9R,10R)(More)
The RNaseA enzyme efficiently cleaves phosphodiester bonds in the RNA backbone. Phosphoryl transfer plays a central role in many biochemical reactions, and this is one of the most studied enzymes. However, there remains considerable controversy about the reaction mechanism. Most of this debate centers around the roles of the conserved residues, structures(More)
The mechanism of the backbone cleavage-transesterification step of the RNase A enzyme remains controversial even after 60 years of study. We report quantum mechanics/molecule mechanics (QM/MM) free energy calculations for two optimized reaction paths based on an analysis of all structural data and identified by a search for reaction coordinates using a(More)
During translation of the genetic information of DNA into proteins, mRNA is synthesized by RNA polymerase and after the transcription process degraded by RNase H. The endoribonuclease RNase H is a member of the nucleotidyl-transferase (NT) superfamily and is known to hydrolyze the phosphodiester bonds of RNA which is hybridized to DNA. Retroviral RNase H is(More)
Ribonuclease enzymes (RNases) play key roles in the maturation and metabolism of all RNA molecules. Computational simulations of the processes involved can help to elucidate the underlying enzymatic mechanism and is often employed in a synergistic approach together with biochemical experiments. Theoretical calculations require atomistic details regarding(More)
BACKGROUND Nonterpenoid and diterpenoid phenanthrenequinones (PACs) have been found in the plant kingdom. Some of them occur in plants used in traditional Chinese medicine like Tan-Shen whereas others are constituents of orchids that are popular as ornamental plants. OBJECTIVE Case reports and our own observations in orchid nurseries suggest that some or(More)
Enzyme catalyzed phosphate transfer is a part of almost all metabolic processes. Such reactions are of central importance for the energy balance in all organisms and play important roles in cellular control at all levels. Mutases transfer a phosphoryl group while nucleases cleave the phosphodiester linkages between two nucleotides. The subject of our(More)
The structure of the antifungal metabolite coniothyriomycin was systematically modified by changing the acids of the open chain imide, modification of the hydrophobicity, variation in the degree of saturation, replacement of carbons by nitrogen or oxygen, and incorporation of the open chain molecule into cyclic arrangements. Structure-activity studies(More)
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