Brighita Weinberg

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PURPOSE Renal sonography is an accepted primary imaging modality for evaluating the pediatric urinary tract. We report a new sonographic finding associated with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). METHODS Ten patients underwent sonographic evaluation of the kidneys and were noted to have intermittent renal collecting system dilatation that expanded and(More)
A new sonographic pattern of pulmonary consolidation associated with air-filled bronchi in children is presented. The consolidated area of the lung is usually hypoechoic, poorly defined, and wedge-shaped. The air-filled bronchi produce linear, high-amplitude branching echoes that converge toward the lung root. Posterior acoustic shadowing and reverberation(More)
Congenital intrathoracic ectopic kidney is a rare congenital abnormality that is usually found as an incidental lesion on chest radiographs. We report the case of a 6-month-old male with a 1-day history of breathing difficulties whose chest radiograph revealed a soft tissue right basilar mass. Further investigation utilizing ultrasound revealed a thoracic(More)
A patient with posterior mediastinal dermoid cyst is presented. With computerized tomography of the mediastinum, it was noted that the mass had attenuation values consistent with sebaceous material and fatty tissue and the diagnosis was proven at surgery and pathologically.
We analyzed clavicular radiographs of 26 patients with a history of trauma. The apical oblique projection of the clavicle was obtained with the injured side of the patient angled 45° towards the X-ray tube and a 20° cephalad angulation of the X-ray beam. This view proved to be more informative than the routine apical anteroposterior projection. It is(More)
This study investigated the local drug pharmacokinetics of intralesional drug delivery after radiofrequency ablation of the liver. We hypothesized that the tissue architecture damaged by the ablation process facilitates the drug penetration in the liver and potentially enlarges the therapeutic margin in the local treatment of cancer. The delivery rate and(More)