Brienne Sprague

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Tympanograms and acoustic reflexes for a broadband noise and for a 1000-Hz tone were measured in normal neonates. Notched tympanograms were typical of neonatal ears for a 220-Hz probe tone. A single-peaked tympanogram was most characteristic for a probe frequency of 660 Hz. Ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflexes were present more frequently for a(More)
Acoustic reflex growth was measured as a function of activator bandwidth in 10 subjects with normal hearing and in 5 subjects with different configurations of sensorineural hearing loss. The activators consisted of tones with frequencies of 500, 1 000 and 4 000 Hz, fractions and multiples of octave bands centered at these frequencies, and broadband noise.(More)
Compared to the current knowledge on cancer chemotherapeutic agents, only limited information is available on the ability of organic compounds, such as drugs and/or natural products, to prevent or delay the onset of cancer. In order to evaluate chemical chemopreventive potentials and design novel chemopreventive agents with low to no toxicity, we developed(More)
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