Brie Wamsley

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Hypocretin (orexin; Hcrt)-containing neurons of the hypothalamus are essential for the normal regulation of sleep and wake behaviors and have been implicated in feeding, anxiety, depression, and reward. The absence of these neurons causes narcolepsy in humans and model organisms. However, little is known about the molecular phenotype of these cells;(More)
The precise connectivity of somatostatin and parvalbumin cortical interneurons is generated during development. An understanding of how these interneuron classes incorporate into cortical circuitry is incomplete but essential to elucidate the roles they play during maturation. Here, we report that somatostatin interneurons in infragranular layers receive(More)
The proper construction of neural circuits requires the generation of diverse cell types, their distribution to defined regions, and their specific and appropriate wiring. A major objective in neurobiology has been to understand the molecular determinants that link neural birth to terminal specification and functional connectivity, a task that is especially(More)
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