Bridget Spitznagel

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An important requirement for pervasive computing systems is the ability to adapt at runtime to handle varying resources, user mobility , changing user needs, and system faults. In this paper we describe an approach in which dynamic adaptation is supported by the use of software architectural models to monitor an application and guide dynamic changes to it.(More)
In a large online advertising system, adversaries may attempt to profit from the creation of low quality or harmful advertisements. In this paper, we present a large scale data mining effort that detects and blocks such adversarial advertisements for the benefit and safety of our users. Because both false positives and false negatives have high cost, our(More)
An increasingly important requirement for software systems is the capability to adapt at run time in order to accommodate varying resources, system errors, and changing requirements. For such self-repairing systems, one of the hard problems is determining when a change is needed, and knowing what kind of adaptation is required. Recently several researchers(More)
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