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In this paper we describe the process of a multidisciplinary medical team meeting (MDTM), its functions and operation in colocated and teleconference discussions. Our goal is to identify the elements and mechanics of operation that enhance or threaten the dependability of the MDTM as a ''system'' and propose technologies and measures to make this system(More)
This paper provides an analysis of the collaborative work conducted at a multidisciplinary medical team meeting, where a patient's definitive diagnosis is agreed, by consensus. The features that distinguish this process of diagnostic work by consensus are examined in depth. The current use of technology to support this collaborative activity is described,(More)
BACKGROUND Information technology (IT) support for remote collaboration of geographically distributed communities of practice (CoP) in health care must deal with a number of sociotechnical aspects of communication within the community. In the mid-1990s, participants of the Swedish Oral Medicine Network (SOMNet) began discussing patient cases in telephone(More)
BACKGROUND The development of multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTMs) for radiology and pathology is a burgeoning area that increasingly impacts on work processes in both of these departments. The aim of this study was to examine work processes and quantify the time demands on radiologists and pathologists associated with MDTM practices at a large teaching(More)
Increasing dependability in collaboration work among health professionals will directly improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Our research examines the development of a shared visual display to facilitate data entry and validation of an electronic record during multidisciplinary team meeting discussion, where specialists discuss patient(More)
Probing the use and value of video for multidisciplinary medical teams in teleconference. In Probing the use and value of video for multidisciplinary medical teams in teleconference. In Probing the use and value of video for multidisciplinary medical teams in teleconference. In Abstract Face-to-face interactions, via teleconferencing link, are investigated(More)
This paper profiles multidisciplinary team activity (MDT) in a typical teaching hospital setting and reports on a survey conducted among the teams to establish the information needs and constraints which affect their interaction. Support for pre-meeting work and post-meeting responsibilities is considered important in enabling the interaction at team(More)
Performance on an information gathering task is shown to be superior in teleconference. Analysis of errors in an exercise revealed the data sources used in co-located and teleconference scenarios. The use of a visual display for text data, in addition to the audio source, is demonstrated in both co-located and teleconference discussions. Audio was used as a(More)