Bridget K. Sackey

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The retromer complex, composed of sorting nexin subunits and a Vps26/Vps29/Vps35 trimer, mediates sorting of retrograde cargo from the endosome to the trans-Golgi network. The retromer trimer subcomplex is an effector of Rab7 (Ypt7 in yeast). Whereas endosome targeting of human retromer has been shown to require Rab7-GTP, targeting of yeast retromer to the(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Myofibroblasts are the primary cell type involved in physiologic wound healing and its pathologic counterpart, fibrosis. Cellular fibronectin that contains the alternatively spliced extra domain A (EIIIA) is up-regulated during these processes and is believed to promote myofibroblast differentiation. We sought to determine the requirement(More)
The myofibroblastic differentiation of hepatic stellate cells (HSC) is a critical event in liver fibrosis and is part of the final common pathway to cirrhosis in chronic liver disease from all causes. The molecular mechanisms driving HSC differentiation are not fully understood. Because macroscopic tissue stiffening is a feature of fibrotic disease, we(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS IκB kinase-β (IKKβ) mediates activation of the nuclear factor-κB, which regulates immune and inflammatory responses. Although nuclear factor-κB is activated in cells from patients with inflammatory diseases or cancer, little is known about its roles in the development and progression of esophageal diseases. We investigated whether mice(More)
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