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This study used a qualitative approach to examine the experiences of parents participating as members of the Duchenne Family Support Group (DFSG), with a focus on whether social comparison occurred within this group. Eight parents were interviewed about their experiences of being a member. Thematic analysis was used to identify themes inductively. The study(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with COPD on long term oxygen therapy frequently do not adhere to their prescription, and they frequently do not use their ambulatory oxygen systems as intended. Reasons for this lack of adherence are not known. The aim of this study was to obtain in-depth information about perceptions and use of prescribed ambulatory oxygen systems from(More)
While intuition plays a role in clinical decision making within conventional medicine, little is understood about its use in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The aim of this qualitative study was to investigate intuition from the perspective of homeopathic practitioners; its' manifestation, how it was recognized, its origins and when it was(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of home-based electrical stimulation using closed-loop control of implanted microstimulators on upper limb function and impairment, and subjects' perception of the system. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six subjects with poststroke hemiparesis, and reduced upper limb function, who had taken part in Phase 1 of the study, were fitted(More)
This study explored adjustment in people with spinal cord injury; data from four focus groups are presented. Thematic analysis revealed four themes, managing goals and expectations, comparison with others, feeling useful and acceptance, showing participants positively engaged in life, positively interpreted social comparison information and set realistic(More)
Current research surrounding infertility is focused primarily on women alone, thus removing men from the fertility equation. However, alternative research has indicated that, although men also experience infertility, there is a paucity of research on men. Therefore, very little is understood about the experiences of infertility from the male perspective.(More)
Research into living with HIV/AIDS has to date mainly focused on quality of life and there is little on the adjustment process for this group. The numbers of African women living with HIV/AIDS in the UK is growing and yet little is known about the adjustment experience for these women. This study explored aspects of positive adjustment to living with(More)
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OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were twofold: to determine in what way people with a non-fatal chronic illness experience positive change after the onset of their illness, and to determine whether comparing with other people with Ménière's disease influenced perceiving this change. DESIGN Using a longitudinal method, questionnaires were administered at(More)
S Strokes af fect between 174 and 216 people per 100 000 population in the UK each year. 1 Approximately two-thirds of patients in England will sur vive their stroke; of the 900 000 stroke survivors, 50 per cent are disabled and dependent. 2 Although a high number of patients have upper limb impairments initially post-stroke, 3 despite therapy, very few(More)
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