Bridget Dahill

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Most recent ad hoc network research has focused on providing routing services without considering security. In this paper, we detail security threats against ad hoc routing protocols, specifically examining AODV and DSR. In light of these threats, we identify three different environments with distinct security requirements. We propose a solution to one, the(More)
Initial work in ad hoc routing has considered only the problem of providing efficient mechanisms for finding paths in very dynamic networks, without considering security. Because of this, there are a number of attacks that can be used to manipulate the routing in an ad hoc network. In this paper, we describe these threats, specifically showing their effects(More)
Routing protocols will be a fundamental piece in the operation of ad-hoc networks. These protocols must fulfil the main objective of using valid routes among the different nodes that form the net in a correct and efficient way keeping in mind the possibility that malicious nodes may exist in the net, and protecting the communication of non-allowed accesses.(More)
Any node under attack in ad hoc network exhibits an anomalous behavior called the malicious behavior. In this situation, the entire operation of a network gets disturbed and to preclude such malicious behavior several security solutions have been discovered. In this paper, malicious behavior of a node is defined and to defend such behavior, security(More)
MANETs are known to possess unique and many vulnerable features. In such a case, security is again another crucial issue to be tackled. The attacks can affect the performance of the network critically. This paper therefore proposes a solution for maintain the optimum performance of the network even in presence of malicious nodes by modifying the existing(More)
Indispensable feature of MANETs is security. MANET is a sort of wireless network communications that can construct itself on the run. One of the significant properties of MANET is dynamic organization. To lodge the varying topology and to provide security, well defined routing algorithms are needed. No protocols detain all the security attacks and provide(More)
Ad-Hoc network is a self-organizing wireless network in which collection of wireless mobile nodes (devices) dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administrationi. e. chaotically decentralised. It is a ubiquitous type of computing often referred to as pervasive/invisible computing. It(More)
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