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  • B. Baird
  • 1989
Analytic methods of bifurcation theory are used to design algorithms for determining synaptic weights in recurrent analog neural network architectures. Nonnumerical formulas, as well as numerical learning algorithms using hidden units for the storage of static and periodic attractors, are introduced. These algorithms allow programming of the network vector(More)
People process information through multiple modalities and many studies have been done that show interaction among the auditory, haptic and visual modes. This paper reports on a correlation between the haptic property of roughness and each of the audio properties of pitch and loudness. There were four experiments: given a roughness, match a loudness level(More)
  • B. Baird
  • 1988
Analytic methods of bifurcation theory are used to design algorithms for synthesis of analog neural networks with a precisely defined local vector field for pattern recognition that is created by a multiple bifurcation. For two memories thus far, static or oscillating spatial patterns can be stored, basin boundaries programmed, and the location of secondary(More)
The artificially intelligent computer performer is a software program that enables a computer to accompany, in real-time, live performers. The computer is, in effect, a participating member of a musical ensemble. It interacts with the musicians by listening to them and it makes musical decisions based on what it hears and what it Imows about music. The(More)