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Young women are not usually screened for breast cancer (BC). The trends in incidence in this population may better reflect changes in risk factors. However, studies on this subject are scarce and heterogeneous. The aim of this study was to describe the trends in incidence of BC in women under 40 from 1990 to 2008, using pooled European data. Thirty-seven(More)
Deep sternal wound infection is the major infectious complication in patients undergoing cardiac surgery, associated with a high morbidity and mortality rate, and a longer hospital stay. The most common causative pathogen involved is Staphylococcus spp. The management of post sternotomy mediastinitis associates surgical revision and antimicrobial therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE Our goal was to estimate the performance statistics of an electronic surveillance system for surgical site infections (SSIs), generally applicable in French hospitals. METHODS Three detection algorithms using 2 different data sources were tested retrospectively on 9 types of surgical procedures performed between January 2010 and December 2011 in(More)
The concept of shared decision making (SDM) has been developing in many countries since the 1990s. The main challenge of SDM, based on the principles of respect for the person’s autonomy, is to improve patients’ participation, should they so wish, in decisions concerning their personal health. To our knowledge, there is only one SDM evaluation tool(More)
To evaluate whether deep pelvic endometriosis or endometriomas diagnosed at pelvic MRI are associated with extrapelvic bowel endometriosis (EPBE) (ileal, appendicular, or cecal involvement) in order to suggest criteria for performing an additional imaging examination dedicated to the assessment of EPBE. Ninety-six patients operated on for deep pelvic(More)
The French National Authority for Health has made serious adverse event disclosure one of its priority areas of work. The objective of the study was to explore clinicians' perceived practices of disclosing such events. Between June and July 2012, a structured questionnaire was emailed to all clinicians and residents working at the Nantes Teaching Hospital.(More)
INTRODUCTION Emergency Medical Communication Centre (EMCC) represents a pivotal link in the chain of survival for those requiring rapid response for out-of-hospital medical emergencies. Assessing and grading the performance of EMCCs are warranted as it can affect the health and safety of the served population. OBJECTIVE The aim of our work was to describe(More)
As the number of dependant elderly people rises, the place occupied by nursing homes in the French health care system becomes more and more important, and the question of resident safety is more significant than ever. A transfer of the notions developed for hospitals is useful but insufficient, as they mainly focus on the technical facet of care. In order(More)
OBJECTIVES Several automated algorithms for epidemiological surveillance in hospitals have been proposed. However, the usefulness of these methods to detect nosocomial outbreaks remains unclear. The goal of this review was to describe outbreak detection algorithms that have been tested within hospitals, consider how they were evaluated, and synthesize their(More)
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