Brice Huang

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Using the complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas: aeruginosa PAO1, sequenced by the Pseudomonas: Genome Project (ftp://ftp.pseudomonas. com/data/pacontigs.121599), a genome database (http://pseudomonas. has been developed containing information on more than 95% of all ORFs in Pseudomonas: aeruginosa. The database is searchable by a variety(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an important pathogenic and environmental bacterium, with the most widely studied strain being PAO1. Using the PAO1 reference cosmid library and the recently completed PAO1 genome sequence, we have mapped a minimal tiling path across the genome using a two-step strategy. First, we sequenced both ends of a set of over 500 random and(More)
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