Brice Beaumesnil

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This article deals with 3D-face model and 3D-pose extraction from a small set of couples of 2D-3D corresponding-points. Major drawbacks of current 3D model extraction solutions are either the computationally complexity or the over-simplified modeling. As it happens, applications like face tracking or augmented reality need a rapid, robust and(More)
This article deals with facial segmentation and liptracking with feedback control by face model synthesis. On this topic, the search community is divided into two parts : analysis and synthesis. We want to use all the knowledge to create a global analysis/synthesis chain where the image analysis needs the 3D synthesis and conversely. As it happens,(More)
In this paper, we present an image mosaic application and investigate the color rendering performances obtained with various color spaces, among which the nonlinear LUX transform, that is based on a logarithmic image processing model and on biological evidence about the retina processing within the human visual system. We focus on the color matching step(More)
For a video surveillance application based on wireless transmission of images acquired with a static camera, we investigate two features within JPEG2000, namely the choice of a nonlinear color transform in order to improve color rendering at very high compression ratios, and the unsupervised extraction of regions of interest (ROI) by motion detection.
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