Brianne Hurst

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Hypothalamic neuropeptide Y (NPY) systems are upregulated during lactation in rats. Because NPY is central to the hypothalamic control of energy balance, the present studies tested the hypothesis that NPY contributes to the marked hyperphagia during lactation. A 4-day infusion of [D-tyr (27,36), D-thr (32)] NPY (27-36) (D-NPY(27-36)), a peptide analogue of(More)
Duodenal surface epithelial transport of HCO3(-) was measured by direct titration in anesthetized animals. Alkalinization of the lumen occurred in all species, although basal rates varied considerably: rats (approximately 10), cats (approximately 15), pigs (approximately 25), dogs (approximately 25), guinea pigs (approximately 40), and rabbits(More)
Aortic renin-like activity and plasma renin concentration were measured in rats subjected to dietary salt loading or depletion. Homogenates prepared from rat aortic tissue generated angtotensin I from plasma substrate at both pH S3 and pH 6.5. Aortic renin-like activity measured at incubation pH 6.5 and plasma renin concentration changed in parallel, rising(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the longitudinal performance of the migraine-specific quality of life (MSQOL) instrument. METHODS Psychometric tests evaluated data obtained from 1383 migraineurs who completed the 20-item MSQOL questionnaire during a noncomparative, long-term, observational study of zolmitriptan (Zomig), 5 mg, for the acute treatment of migraine(More)
The initial prophylactic and therapeutic trials of ICI 130,685 against influenza A virus infection are reported. Prophylaxis with either 200 mg/day (38 volunteers received drug and 40 received placebo) or 100 mg/day (28 volunteers received drug and 28 received placebo) for seven days significantly reduced illness, mean clinical score and nasal secretion(More)
1. Aorta homogenate contains renin-like activity which on incubation generates angiotensin I over a wide pH range. 2. Rat aortic renin measured at an incubation pH of 6.5 rose and fell in parallel to plasma renin with salt depletion and salt-loading respectively. Renin little relationship with plasma renin. 3. Aortic renin (pH 6.5) was elevated in(More)
Epithelial HCO3 transport by stomach and duodenum is influenced by luminal pH. Acid itself, but not stimulants of gastric HCl secretion, increase mucosal alkaline secretion in a variety of in vitro and in vivo systems. Using pairs of amphibian mucosa, both gastric and proximal duodenal HCO3 transport was stimulated by low luminal pH. This response displayed(More)
A DNA radioimmunoassay, sensitive in the range 25-1000 ng, has been developed to measure gastric mucosal cell loss. Validity of the assay was based on antibody specificity, absence of interference from gastric contents, parallel tracer displacement by dilutions of gastric and standard DNA, and crossover with colorimetric assay. With this assay, gastric DNA(More)
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