Brianne Hamilton

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Venoms comprise of complex mixtures of peptides evolved for predation and defensive purposes. Remarkably, some carnivorous cone snails can inject two distinct venoms in response to predatory or defensive stimuli, providing a unique opportunity to study separately how different ecological pressures contribute to toxin diversification. Here, we report the(More)
This work reviews the transition from hyperthermia to ablation for cancer treatment with interstitial microwave (MW) antennas. Early work utilising MW energy for thermal treatment of cancer tissue began in the late 1970s using single antennas applied interstitially or the use of multiple interstitial antennas driven with the same phase and equal power at(More)
Homemade chemical bombs (HCBs), also known as acid bombs, bottle bombs, and MacGyver bombs, are explosive devices that can be made easily from volatile household chemicals (e.g., toilet bowl, drain, and driveway cleaners) purchased at a local hardware or grocery store. When these and other ingredients are combined and shaken in a capped container, the(More)
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