Brianna S Clark

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This report describes an epidemiological investigation of the autistic syndrome using new research diagnostic criteria (Denckla, 1986). The focus here is on the methods of screening and follow-up, and on a description of the cases identified within a circumscribed region of Nova Scotia. Autism, as defined by social deviance, language impairment and(More)
Youth development research has found that children become more engaged and benefit more from being incorporated as decision makers. Thus participation helps promote development and encourages engagement. Based in theories of engagement and free-choice learning, the current research focused on a program combining sport/physical activity, life skills, and(More)
This paper reports the results of a chart review and consumer satisfaction evaluation of referrals to a tertiary care child psychiatric inpatient unit. The evaluation involved an examination of the types of child and family difficulties treated during the period of the study; the nature and extent of assessment, treatment and follow-up; treatment outcome(More)
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