Brianna M. Hogan

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Forty-eight stroke patients with shoulder pain were assessed for degree of pain at rest and on movement of the affected arm, and presence and grade of subluxation. Degree of pain was assessed using a 6-point verbal rating scale. Presence and grade of subluxation were assessed from radiographs, using a 5-point categorization. Four radiographs were excluded.(More)
Among the most popular reasons that people feed wild birds is that they want to help birds. The extent to which supplemental food helps birds, however, is not well established. From spring 2011 to spring 2014, we examined how feeding of wild birds influences the health of individual birds at forested sites in central Illinois, USA. Specifically, we compared(More)
Pulse oximetry monitoring was used with this patient to correlate his oxygen saturation with his functional activity. The primary focus was to monitor the patient's oxygenation while he was engaging in routine activities of daily living. A secondary focus was to make changes or adaptations in the activity when his oxygen saturation values fell below the(More)
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