Brianna K Olsen

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Study of the role of within-species adaptation in ecological dynamics has focused largely on prey adaptations that reduce consumption risk (prey defense). Few, if any, studies have examined how consumer adaptations to overcome prey defenses (consumer offense) affect ecosystem structure and function. We manipulated two sets of genotypes of a planktonic(More)
A clinical material consisting of 88 patients with primary bronchial carcinoma, treated at the Department of General Surgery, Kolding Hospital, during the 10-year period 1965--1974, is presented. It was possible to operate on 98% of the patients. Resection was performed in 76%: 75% as pneumonectomies and 25% as lobectomies. All the operations were performed(More)
Off-flavors, such as 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) and geosmin, cause drinking water to have earthy or musty tastes and odors. Humans can detect such compounds at minute concentrations (10 and 30 ng/L for MIB and geosmin, respectively), and, although not a health risk, off-flavors can promote consumer distrust. Removal of these compounds is costly and often(More)
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