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Subjects whose sexual orientation and identification is with homosexual persons of the opposite biological sex were studied. "Transhomosexual" has been coined to describe such persons. Forms of transhomosexual expression vary with different emphases found in regard to orientation to, idealization of, and wish to participate in activities of homosexuals of(More)
Cognitive reappraisal is an antecedent-focused emotion regulation strategy that involves changing the emotional impact of a situation by changing thoughts about it. Expressive suppression is a response-focused emotion regulation strategy that involves inhibiting ongoing behavioral response to an emotional situation. Reappraisal is generally an effective(More)
INTRODUCTION Testicular torsion (TT), a common surgical emergency worldwide, is typically treated with orchiectomy or orchiopexy. It is widely accepted that the chance of salvaging the testicle declines with time and degree of torsion. The impact of ethnicity on outcome is less well understood, and the association between weather and onset of TT remains a(More)
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