Brian Zuckerman

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We compared aortic impedance and compliance in normotensive control and hypertensive Wistar rats. Hypertension was induced by unilateral nephrectomy plus steroid and salt water administration. After at least 8 wk of sustained hypertension (tail-cuff systolic pressures greater than 172 mmHg), open-chest ascending aortic micromanometric pressures and(More)
Although atherosclerosis significantly alters the structural characteristics of the arterial tree, its effect on arterial impedance, which is a means of quantifying the functional characteristics of the arterial system, has not been characterized. To assess how one type of atherosclerosis affects impedance, we studied arterial impedance in New Zealand White(More)
A rapid analytical procedure for measuring the hydrolysis of centrophenoxine is described. Hydrolysis of the drug was markedly affected by both pH and temperature. P-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, one of the primary products of centrophenoxine hydrolysis, was stable for eight days, the longest time period in which stability in culture medium was tested.
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