Brian Zhou

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Coronary artery disease is a major cause of death in women. Breast arterial calcifications (BACs), detected inmammograms, can be useful riskmarkers associated with the disease. We investigate the feasibility of automated and accurate detection ofBACsinmammograms for risk assessment of coronary artery disease. We develop a 12-layer convolutional neural(More)
We propose a basic mechanism for isochronal synchrony and communication with mutually delay-coupled chaotic systems. We show that two Ikeda ring oscillators, mutually coupled with a propagation delay, synchronize isochronally when both are symmetrically driven by a third Ikeda oscillator. This synchronous operation, unstable in the two delay-coupled(More)
We describe the construction and performance of a scanning tunneling microscope capable of taking maps of the tunneling density of states with sub-atomic spatial resolution at dilution refrigerator temperatures and high (14 T) magnetic fields. The fully ultra-high vacuum system features visual access to a two-sample microscope stage at the end of a(More)
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