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A cell line of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don coded PRL # 200, was characterized with respect to its biosynthetic capabilities for indolealkaloids, in particular catharanthine, in suspension cultures. Other alkaloids isolated are vallesiachotamine isomers, ajmalicine, hörhammericine, hörhammerinine, vindolinine, 19-epivindolinine and strictosidine lactam.
In this paper, nFET-to-pFET (n-to-p) tracking characteristics in 14-nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) FinFET technology are studied by technology computer-aided design-based statistical modeling. Compared with planar SOI high-k metal gate CMOS technologies, 14-nm SOI FinFET technology shows better n-to-p tracking mainly due to the strong influence of correlated(More)
A study was conducted to examine the cost effectiveness of two methods of managing occupational therapy workload measurement data. The computer entry of statistical data by a clerk in a central location was compared to multi-site direct input of data by therapists. Cost effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of each method were the primary outcomes. Ease of(More)
A redefinition of leadership roles was necessitated by the adoption of program management, which accompanied the merger of two large academic hospitals, each of which consisted of two sites. Directors of professional departments were removed when staff were deployed to programs. Program directors were selected to manage the new programs, and profession(More)
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