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Acknowledgements This Guideline is dedicated to the memory of the late Edwin Smith on whose property many of these trial works were undertaken. Special thanks also to Naida Smith and the Woodward family for their ongoing support and access to their land. Much of the research on which these guidelines are based was done under LWA projects MQU9 and GRU27; and(More)
Abnormalities in intracellular pH regulation have been proposed to be important in type 2 diabetes and the associated cardiomyopathy and hypertension. We have therefore investigated the dependence of insulin-stimulated glucose transport on cytosolic pH in cardiomyocytes. Insulin treatment of cardiomyocytes resulted in a marked alkalinization of the(More)
Breathing noise and bubble noise are the main factors affecting the subjective quality of through-water speech signals in communications between divers wearing full-face masks or aural-nasal masks. Only breathing noise is considered here, which can be gated out by applying a combination of zero-crossing detection and energy measurements to noisy speech(More)
1. Changes in resting membrane potential induced by 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) have been measured in the excised ganglion by the sucrose-gap technique. 2. 5-HT produced a rapid depolarization, the threshold concentration for depolarization being around 10 muM. With concentrations of 100 muM or greater, repolarization began during the course of the(More)
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