Brian Wolshon

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  • Lsu Hurricane Center, Brian Wolshon, Elba Urbina, Marc Levitan
  • 2001
The mission of the LSU Hurricane Center is to advance the state-of-knowledge of hurricanes and their impacts on the natural, built, and human environments; to stimulate interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities; to transfer this knowledge to students and professionals in concerned disciplines; and to assist the nation and the world in reducing(More)
sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The objective of Phase I was to provide a comprehensive review of the state of the art in highway traffic safety, both within the U.S. and abroad, including studies on factors influencing road safety, available databases, safety legislation, safety initiatives and programs, and(More)
  • Alexis Kwasinski, Joseph Trainor, Brian Wolshon, Francis M Lavelle, Penny Pritzker, Stephen Cauffman +2 others
  • 2016
The authors would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Kuligowski for her guidance and feedback throughout the course of the project and for her thoughtful comments on this report. The authors also wish to thank Mr.
While traffic planning is important for developing a hurricane evacuation plan, vehicle performance on the roads during extreme weather conditions is critical to the success of the planning process. This novel study investigates the effect of gusty hurricane wind forces on the driving behavior and vehicle performance. The study explores how the parameters(More)
This thesis describes a research study relating naturalistic Global Positioning System (GPS) driving data with long-term traffic safety performance for two classes of roadways. These two classes are multilane arterial streets and limited access highways. GPS driving data used for this study was collected from 33 volunteer drivers from July 2012 to March(More)
Ali the youngest iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to earnestly thank my advisor Dr. Chester Wilmot who offered valuable guidance, support, and care throughout my studies at LSU. His attitude made it a pleasant experience. Many thanks also go to members of my graduate committee Dr. I, hereby, wish to offer my heartfelt appreciation for my beloved wife(More)