Brian Wolshon

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The mission of the LSU Hurricane Center is to advance the state-of-knowledge of hurricanes and their impacts on the natural, built, and human environments; to stimulate interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities; to transfer this knowledge to students and professionals in concerned disciplines; and to assist the nation and the world in reducing(More)
initial proposal for this thesis topic and for being on my defense committee. Also, I want to acknowledge the successful collaboration with Prashanth Kotha on some preliminary research studies. Last but not the least I thank everyone who has remotely helped in the successful completion of this work. I dedicate this thesis to my dearest lovely and supportive(More)
While traffic planning is important for developing a hurricane evacuation plan, vehicle performance on the roads during extreme weather conditions is critical to the success of the planning process. This novel study investigates the effect of gusty hurricane wind forces on the driving behavior and vehicle performance. The study explores how the parameters(More)
This thesis describes a research study relating naturalistic Global Positioning System (GPS) driving data with long-term traffic safety performance for two classes of roadways. These two classes are multilane arterial streets and limited access highways. GPS driving data used for this study was collected from 33 volunteer drivers from July 2012 to March(More)