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Accounting Office (GAO) disclosed that approximately 250,000 break-ins into Federal computer systems were attempted over the previous year. At least 10 major agencies, comprising 98% of the total Federal budget, had been attacked. The GAO went on to say that an estimated 64% of these attacks (about 160,000) were successful. It gets worse: the number of(More)
Spam and phishing emails are not only annoying to users, but are a real threat to inter-net communication and web economy. The fight against unwanted emails has become a cat-and-mouse game between criminals and people trying to develop techniques for detecting such unwanted emails. Criminals are constantly developing new tricks and adopt the ones that make(More)
Part I in last month's issue of NN&I provided results of a Council of Nephrology Social Workers (CNSW) survey of social workers in facilities that won the Life Options Rehabilitation Advisory Council (LORAC) Exemplary Practice in Renal Rehabilitation competition. The survey indicated that social workers are already implementing rehabilitation activities as(More)