Brian Windsor

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Herbicide resistance is an important trait often introduced into crop plants. Mechanisms of resistance can involve a mutant target protein that is unaffected by the herbicide, or metabolic detoxification or degradation of the herbicide. Recently, we showed that overexpression in Arabidopsis thaliana of either psNTP9, the garden pea apyrase gene, or AtPgp1,(More)
Xenobiotic resistance in animals, plants, yeast, and bacteria is known to involve ATP binding cassette transporters that efflux invading toxins. We present data from yeast and a higher plant indicating that xenobiotic resistance also involves extracellular ATP degradation. Transgenic upregulation of ecto-ATPase alone confers resistance to organisms that(More)
Typically motion capture data is used to drive characters. To accomplish this, the actor has to mimic the body shape of the targeted character via posture or using props. The actor also has to move with a predetermined style. A skeletal system is then applied to the point marker data, in order to attach movement to the model. This whole process is oriented(More)
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