Brian Wilcox

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This paper studies the motion of a large and highly mobile six-legged lunar vehicle called athlete, developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This vehicle rolls on wheels when possible, but can use the wheels as feet to walk when necessary. While gaited walking may suffice for most situations, rough and steep terrain requires novel sequences of footsteps(More)
This paper studies the quasi-static motion of large legged robots that have many degrees of freedom. While gaited walking may suffice on easy ground, rough and steep terrain requires unique sequences of footsteps and postural adjustments specifically adapted to the terrain’s local geometric and physical properties. This paper presents a planner that(More)
Future missions to the moon, Mars, or other planetary surfaces will use planetary rovers for exploration or other tasks. Operation of these rovers as unmanned robotic vehicles with some form of remote or semi-autonomous control is desirable to reduce the cost and increase the capability and safety of many types of missions. However, the long time delays and(More)
Space robotics is the development of general purpose machines that are capable of surviving (for a time, at least) the rigors of the space environment, and performing exploration, assembly, construction, maintenance, servicing or other tasks that may or may not have been fully understood at the time of the design of the robot. Humans control space robots(More)
Underwater acoustic communication and networks have attracted significant attention in recent years, with applications ranging from ocean monitoring to off-shore sensor control, and port surveillance. Experimental data are required to test and develop effective underwater networking protocols before underwater networks can be successfully deployed for real(More)
The use of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) as the flexspline in strain wave gears (SWGs), also known as harmonic drives, is presented. SWGs are unique, ultra-precision gearboxes that function through the elastic flexing of a thin-walled cup, called a flexspline. The current research demonstrates that BMGs can be cast at extremely low cost relative to machining(More)