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A virtual-reality simulator was developed for the training of Otolaryngology (Ear-Nose-Throat) surgical residents to perform myringotomy, a relatively common surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the eardrum mainly to treat middle-ear infections. The simulator presents the trainee with a three-dimensional (3D) virtual model of the ear that can(More)
The idea of faceted search has received growing attentions in the digital library field for its potential of improving user satisfaction by combing the query and browse strategies interactively. Furthermore, with the trend of using digital repositories as the central infrastructure for curation and preservation, there is a demand for a single search(More)
QUALITY ISSUE Transfers from intensive care units to acute care units represent a complex care transition for hospitalized patients. Within our institution, variation in transfer practices resulted in unpredictable processes in which patient safety concerns were raised. INITIAL ASSESSMENT Key stakeholders were engaged across the institution. Patient(More)
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