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BACKGROUND The isolation of microsatellite markers remains laborious and expensive. For some taxa, such as Lepidoptera, development of microsatellite markers has been particularly difficult, as many markers appear to be located in repetitive DNA and have nearly identical flanking regions. We attempted to circumvent this problem by bioinformatic mining of(More)
BACKGROUND Until recently the isolation of microsatellite markers from Lepidoptera has proved troublesome, expensive and time-consuming. Following on from a previous study of Edith's checkerspot butterfly, Euphydryas editha, we developed novel microsatellite markers for the vulnerable marsh fritillary butterfly, E. aurinia. Our goal was to optimize the(More)
This paper reports a novel method to isolate single DNA molecules in an open container filled with oil by using Liquid Dielectrophoresis (LDEP). We successfully demonstrated the formation of 12 droplets (~200pL) from a 0.5μL DNA solution parent droplet. The parent droplet is put on 2 parallel electrodes. When an AC voltage was applied between these(More)
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