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1Ann Sheehan
1Jessica L Rosenberg
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Description: Praise for Recession, Recovery, and Renewal "This is a must–read for any professional working in the field of philanthropy today. Dr. Raymond cuts through the political rhetoric and breaks down what really happened in the Great Recession and the challenges and opportunities it has created for nonprofits in this shifting global economy. This(More)
  • Elizabeth Alexander, Harold Bloom, Jessica Brantley, Leslie Brisman, David Bromwich, Ardis Butterfield +86 others
  • 2015
The undergraduate program in English teaches students foundational research and writing skills and cultivates their powers of argument and analysis. Courses offered by the department are designed to develop students' understanding of important works of English, American, and world literatures in English; to provide historical perspectives from which to read(More)
  • Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha P Haynes, Brian R Kent, Amélie Saintonge, Sabrina Stierwalt, Adeel Altaf +17 others
  • 2007
We present the first installment of HI sources extracted from the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA (ALFALFA) extragalactic survey, initiated in 2005. Sources have been extracted from 3-D spectral data cubes exploiting a matched filtering technique and then examined interactively to yield global HI parameters. A total of 730 HI detections are catalogued within the(More)
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for a comprehensive new approach to development rooted in planetary boundaries, equity, and inclusivity. The wide scope of the SDGs will necessitate unprecedented integration of siloed policy portfolios to work at international, regional, and national levels toward multiple goals and mitigate the conflicts(More)
INTRODUCTION Very few studies exist on the use of diltiazem in the prehospital setting. Some practitioners believe this medication is prone to causing hypotension in this setting. Our goals were to determine whether the prehospital administration of diltiazem induced hypotension and to evaluate the efficacy of the drug. METHODS Our two-tiered system is(More)
  • Freda D Bernotavicz, Jane Sheehan, Dolly Bartley, Frank Brooks, Freda Plumley, Cathy Laidlaw +52 others
  • 2001
iii Acknowledgements Maine's competency model for child welfare caseworkers reflects the labor, insight, and contributions of many people. We would like to express appreciation to the following individuals and organizations whose assistance has been invaluable: Members of the Systems Operations Committee and the Preservice Committee for assistance in the(More)
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