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The women, men, and transgender people who sell sex globally have disproportionate risks and burdens of HIV in countries of low, middle, and high income, and in concentrated and generalised epidemic contexts. The greatest HIV burdens continue to be in African female sex workers. Worldwide, sex workers still face reduced access to needed HIV prevention,(More)
Understanding the relationships between housing and HIV has been limited by reliance on a single housing indicator based on current living arrangements (e.g., stable, unstable, or homeless). This paper examines the cross-sectional and longitudinal relationships between five housing indicators (objective housing stability, subjective housing stability,(More)
Women with histories of incarceration show high levels of risk for HIV and intimate partner violence (IPV). This randomized controlled trial with women at risk for HIV who had recent criminal justice system involvement (n = 530) evaluated two interventions based on Motivational Interviewing to reduce either HIV risk or HIV and IPV risk. Baseline and 3, 6,(More)
BACKGROUND Opioid (including prescription opiate) abuse and overdose rates in the United States have surged in the past decade. The dearth and limitations of opioid abuse and overdose surveillance systems impede the development of interventions to address this epidemic. Objective. We explored evidence to support the validity of emergency medical services(More)
To examine whether increasing investment in needle/syringe exchange programs (NSPs) in the US would be cost-effective for HIV prevention, we modeled HIV incidence in hypothetical cases with higher NSP syringe supply than current levels, and estimated number of infections averted, cost per infection averted, treatment costs saved, and financial return on(More)
This research note examines the prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence (IPV) and other violence (OV) among women (N = 529) at risk for HIV and with histories of criminal justice system involvement. The 3-month prevalences of IPV and OV were 31.2% and 18.7%, respectively. IPV was associated with having a current main partner, substance use,(More)
OBJECTIVES To optimize health care utilization, health outcomes, and costs, research is needed to improve an understanding of frequent users of emergency health services. Frequent use of emergency services is associated with high costs of health care and may be indicative of challenges accessing, or poor outcomes of, health care. Patient demographics and(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Premature neonates can develop intraabdominal conditions requiring emergent bowel resection and enterostomy. Parenteral nutrition (PN) is often required, but results in cholestasis. Mucous fistula refeeding allows for functional restoration of continuity. We sought to determine the effect of refeeding on nutrition intake, PN dependence,(More)
The scientific literature on alcohol and sexual risk behavior is marked by multiple theoretical perspectives and inconsistent findings from global-frequency and event-level studies. Multilevel measures of alcohol use and multiple sexual risk outcomes can be used to evaluate these perspectives and resolve these inconsistencies. Among women recently involved(More)