Brian W. Thomson

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This delays involved in media access in HUBNET, a highperformance local area network are examined. An experimental technique for loading such a network with data up to 97.5 percent of its nominal bit rate is described. The results of a series of measurements of the packet access delay in a network operating at loads up to 87.5 percent of capacity are(More)
A processor for the Smalltalk-80↑ programming language is described. This machine is implemented using a standard bit slice ALU and sequencer, TTL MSI, and NMOS LSI RAMS. It executes an instruction set similar to the Smalltalk-80 virtual machine instruction set. The data paths of the machine are optimized for rapid Smalltalk-80 execution by the(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and pain are recognized as major problems of burn patients; because pharmaceutical treatments for controlling anxiety and pain symptoms lead to complications and an increase in health costs, nonpharmacological nursing interventions were considered for this group of patients. This led to the present study aimed at comparing the effect of(More)
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