Brian W. Sheldon

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In many applications noisy signals are measured. These signals has to be filtered and, sometimes, their derivative have to be computed. In this paper a method for filtering the signals and computing the derivatives is presented. This method is based on expansion onto transformed Legender polynomials. Numerical examples demonstrates the efficacy of the(More)
  • Alexei Gaidarzhy, Matthias Imboden, Pritiraj Mohanty, Janet Rankin, Brian W Sheldon
  • 2007
We report actuation and detection of gigahertz-range resonance frequencies in nanocrystalline diamond mechanical resonators. High order transverse vibration modes are measured in coupled-beam resonators exhibiting frequencies up to 1.441 GHz. The cantilever-array design of the resonators translates the gigahertz-range resonant motion of micron-long(More)
A v ariety of inltration techniques can be used to fabricate solid materials, particularly composites. In general these processes can be described with at least one time dependent partial dierential equation describing the evolution of the solid phase, coupled to one or more partial dierential equations describing mass transport through a porous structure.(More)
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