Brian W Patterson

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Optical-sectioning, digital fluorescence microscopy provides images representing temporally- and spatially-resolved molecular-scale details of the substructures of living cells. To render such images into solid models for further computational analyses, we have developed an integrated system of image acquisition, processing, and rendering, which includes a(More)
In a dual-modality paradigm, visual and auditory event-related potentials were elicited in 40 alcoholic men and 30 controls, equated with the alcoholics on age and education. Half of each group had first-degree relatives who were alcoholic (family history positive). The amplitude of the visual N1 component was reduced among the alcoholics, but their(More)
In Study 1, a verbal role-playing test of interpersonal problem solving, the Adaptive Skills Battery (ASB), and selected "impersonal" neuropsychological problem-solving tests were given to male alcoholics (N = 73) in a VA alcohol treatment program and to male nonalcoholic controls (N = 36). Alcoholics' ASB competency scores under a "give your typical(More)
The relationships between event-related potential (ERP) measures and neuropsychological measures were investigated in a group of 39 male alcoholics and 22 age-matched male controls. Late component ERP measures such as N1, Nd, and P3 components and neuropsychological measures of perceptual-motor function, semantic and figural memory and verbal abstracting(More)
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