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Optical-sectioning, digital fluorescence microscopy provides images representing temporally- and spatially-resolved molecular-scale details of the substructures of living cells. To render such images into solid models for further computational analyses, we have developed an integrated system of image acquisition, processing, and rendering, which includes a(More)
INTRODUCTION Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is a condition that commonly affects women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Despite frequently leading to emergency department (ED) visits, little evidence exists to characterize the nature of ED visits or to guide its treatment in the ED. Our objectives were to evaluate the treatment of NVP in the ED(More)
Historically, metals are cut up and polished to see the structure and to infer how processing influences the evolution. We can now peer into a metal during processing without destroying it using proton radiography. Understanding the link between processing and structure is important because structure profoundly affects the properties of engineering(More)
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