Brian Victor

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A helicon based pre-ionization source has been developed and installed on the Helicity Injected Torus with Steady Inductance (HIT-SI) spheromak. The source initiates plasma breakdown by injecting impurity-free, unmagnetized plasma into the HIT-SI confinement volume. Typical helium spheromaks have electron density reduced from (2-3) × 10(19) m(-3) to 1 ×(More)
Spectrometer measurements and filter upgrades to a motional Stark effect polarimeter measuring the outer half-radius of the DIII-D tokamak helped to identify asymmetries in the polarization angle of Stark-split emission. The measured polarization angle of the π components differs and is not orthogonal to the σ component. These differences persist over a(More)
The first sustainment of toroidal plasma current of 50 kA at up to 3 times the injected currents, added in quadrature, using steady inductive helicity injection is described. Separatrix currents-currents not linking the helicity injectors-are sustained up to 40 kA. Decreases in the n=1 toroidal mode of the poloidal magnetic field at higher current(More)
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