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The old competitive strategies of invention and mass production no longer work in an increasingly turbulent business environment. Successful firms are implementing the new competitive strategies of continuous improvement (constant process improvement) and mass customization-a dynamic flow of goods and services via a stable set of processes. This paper(More)
The first sustainment of toroidal plasma current of 50 kA at up to 3 times the injected currents, added in quadrature, using steady inductive helicity injection is described. Separatrix currents-currents not linking the helicity injectors-are sustained up to 40 kA. Decreases in the n=1 toroidal mode of the poloidal magnetic field at higher current(More)
Spectrometer measurements and filter upgrades to a motional Stark effect polarimeter measuring the outer half-radius of the DIII-D tokamak helped to identify asymmetries in the polarization angle of Stark-split emission. The measured polarization angle of the π components differs and is not orthogonal to the σ component. These differences persist over a(More)
A helicon based pre-ionization source has been developed and installed on the Helicity Injected Torus with Steady Inductance (HIT-SI) spheromak. The source initiates plasma breakdown by injecting impurity-free, unmagnetized plasma into the HIT-SI confinement volume. Typical helium spheromaks have electron density reduced from (2-3) × 10(19) m(-3) to 1 ×(More)
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