Brian Vejrum Wæhrens

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The purpose of this chapter is to contribute to the knowledge on how production offshoring and international operations management vary across cultural contexts. The chapter attempts to shed light on how companies approach the process of offshoring in different cultural contexts. In order to achieve this objective, the authors employ a qualitative(More)
Companies are actively seeking new competitive advantages by changing the location and ownership of their manufacturing processes. This process results in increasing fragmentation and dispersion of global business systems of companies. The purpose of this paper is to identify how companies may improve the integration of such business systems. The paper(More)
The paper will discuss managerial knowledge challenges in global sourcing relationships faced by two small and medium enterprises (SMEs) competing in a highly globalized industry (textiles). Each company has changed its global sourcing setup due to the continuing globalization of their manufacturing and distribution activities; and in this process have(More)
Empirical studies in three industrial companies have revealed that even companies with many years of experience in production transfer tend to focus attention on planning the physical transfer and on the explicit knowledge associated with normal production. They are uncertain about capturing, transferring and developing tacit knowledge. Supported by studies(More)
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