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The security of information technology and computer networks is effected by a wide variety of actors and processes which together make up a security ecosystem; here we examine this ecosystem, consolidating many aspects of security that have hitherto been discussed only separately. First, we analyze the roles of the major actors within this ecosystem and the(More)
Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) is a TCP/IP extension that can avoid packet loss and thus improve network performance. Though standardized in 2001, it is barely used in today's Internet. This study, following on previous active measurement studies over the past decade, shows marked and continued increase in the deployment of ECN-capable servers, and(More)
A flow meter generates flow data-which contains information about each connection observed on a network-from a stream of observed packets. Flow meters can be implemented in standalone measurement devices or in-line on packet forwarding devices, such as routers. YAF (Yet Another Flowmeter) was created as a reference implementation of an IPFIX Metering and(More)
In recent years, academic literature has analyzed many attacks on network trace anonymization techniques. These attacks usually correlate external information with anonymized data and successfully de-anonymize objects with distinctive signatures. However, analyses of these attacks still underestimate the real risk of publishing anonymized data, as the most(More)
In this paper, we characterize, quantify, and correct timing errors introduced into network flow data by collection and export via Cisco NetFlow version 9. We find that while some of these sources of error (clock skew, export delay) are generally implementation-dependent and known in the literature, there is an additional cyclic error of up to one second(More)
—Flow monitoring has become a prevalent method for monitoring traffic in high-speed networks. By focusing on the analysis of flows, rather than individual packets, it is often said to be more scalable than traditional packet-based traffic analysis. Flow monitoring embraces the complete chain of packet observation , flow export using protocols such as(More)
We propose a novel approach for real-time privacy preserving traffic filtering based on entropy estimation. The decision of the real-time classifier is based on the entropy of the payload from first packet of a flow. The aim of the classifier is to detect traffic with encrypted payload. As a proof of concept we show the applicability of our approach as a(More)
Passive network monitoring and data analysis, crucial to the correct operation of networks and the systems that rely on them, has become an increasingly difficult task given continued growth and diversification of the Internet. In this demo we present Blockmon, a novel composable measurement system with the flexibility to allow for a wide range of traffic(More)