Brian Thompson

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Knowledge discovery on social network data can uncover latent social trends and produce valuable findings that benefit the welfare of the general public. A growing amount of research finds that social networks play a surprisingly powerful role in people's behaviors. Before the social network data can be released for research purposes, the data needs to be(More)
Rodent models are being extensively used to investigate the effects of traumatic injury and develop and assess the mechanisms of repair and regeneration. We present quantitative assessment of two-dimensional (2D) kinematics of overground walking and for the first time three-dimensional (3D) joint angle kinematics of all four limbs during treadmill walking(More)
Outsourced databases provide a solution for data owners who want to delegate the task of answering database queries to third-party service providers. However, distrustful users may desire a means of verifying the integrity of responses to their database queries. Simultaneously, for privacy or security reasons, the data owner may want to keep the database(More)
Recommender systems are used to predict user preferences for products or services. In order to seek better prediction techniques, data owners of recommender systems such as Netflix sometimes make their customers' reviews available to the public, which raises serious privacy concerns. With only a small amount of knowledge about individuals and their ratings(More)
Multiple Antibiotic Resistance (MAR) analysis and regression modeling techniques were used to identify surface water areas impacted by fecal pollution from human sources, and to determine the effects of land use on fecal pollution in Murrells Inlet, a small, urbanized, high-salinity estuary located between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, South Carolina, MAR(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative resynostosis is a common clinical finding. It has been suggested that an overexpression of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta2 may be related to craniosynostosis and may contribute to postoperative resynostosis. Interference with TGF-beta2 function with the use of neutralizing antibodies may inhibit resynostosis. The present(More)
The versatile functionality of microbial biocatalysts offers a promising solution to the growing need to replace conventional, petroleum-derived fuels, chemicals, and materials with sustainable alternatives from renewable biomass. Whereas metabolic pathway engineering and strain optimization have greatly expanded the range of attainable bioproducts, it is(More)
Recent research has shown that after spinal cord injury, the nervous system reorganizes. Nevertheless, little is known of the effects of neural reorganization, or plasticity, on motor skills. In this work, we present a method that utilizes kinetic and kinematic analysis, for investigating balance control in a rodent model of incomplete spinal cord injury.(More)
(S)-Styrene oxide and (R)-1,2-phenylethanediol are chiral aromatic molecular building blocks used commonly as precursors to pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals. Two pathways have been engineered in Escherichia coli for their individual biosynthesis directly from glucose. The novel pathways each constitute extensions of the previously engineered(More)
Spiral fractures of the distal third of the tibial shaft can have problems of malunion or non-union that may be related to inability to assess the quality of the initial reduction of the fracture. We created typical two-fragment torsional tibial fractures in cadaver bones. The fracture fragments were mounted in a specially constructed jig that allowed(More)