Brian T. Weinert

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We show that central components of the Fanconi anemia (FA) DNA repair pathway, the tumor suppressor proteins FANCI and FANCD2 (the ID complex), are SUMOylated in response to replication fork stalling. The ID complex is SUMOylated in a manner that depends on the ATR kinase, the FA ubiquitin ligase core complex, and the SUMO E3 ligases PIAS1/PIAS4 and is(More)
We report the biotechnical production of peptides of approximately 35-50 amino acids in length containing one intramolecular disulfide bridge, using a recombinant fusion tail approach. This method fills the technological gap when either (a) chemical synthesis fails due to known problematic peptide sequences or (b) if simple recombinant expression is(More)
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