Brian T. McCann

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Sustainable development indicators (SDIs) have emerged as a tool to measure progress towards sustainable development for a number of fields. However, no indicator initiative to date has been aimed at biosolids management at local authority, regional or national levels. This paper presents a study where stakeholders involved in the management of biosolids in(More)
Because of the predominance of the assumption of profit maximization as the goal of the firm and its decision makers, especially in the competitive strategy literature, research has yet to investigate how differences in objectives might influence competitive actions such as entry, exit, and pricing decisions. This represents an important gap in the(More)
We question the broad applicability of the assumption of profit maximization as the goal of the firm and investigate how variance in objective functions across different ownership structures affects competitive behavior. While prior work in agency theory has argued that firms may fail to engage in profit maximizing behaviors due to misalignment between the(More)
Local preconditioners have been proposed to help accelerate the convergence of multigrid methods for the Euler equations. These preconditioners have been designed from both the continuum equations as well as the discrete equations. In this paper, we analyze and evaluate the relative performance of continuum-based and discrete-based local preconditioners(More)