Brian T. Lewis

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Programmers have traditionally used locks to synchronize concurrent access to shared data. Lock-based synchronization, however, has well-known pitfalls: using locks for fine-grain synchronization and composing code that already uses locks are both difficult and prone to deadlock. Transactional memory provides an alternate concurrency control mechanism that(More)
The Open Runtime Platform (ORP) is a high-performance managed runtime environment (MRTE) that features exact generational garbage collection, fast thread synchronization, and multiple coexisting just-in-time compilers (JITs). ORP was designed for flexibility in order to support experiments in dynamic compilation, garbage collection, synchronization, and(More)
In the cricket ear, sound acts on the external surface of the tympanum and also reaches the inner surface after travelling in at least three pathways in the tracheal system. We have determined the transmission gain of the three internal sound pathways; that is, the change of amplitude and phase angle from the entrances of the tracheal system to the inner(More)
CONTEXT Observational studies suggest that heavy alcohol consumption may increase the risk of stroke while moderate consumption may decrease the risk. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between alcohol consumption and relative risk of stroke. DATA SOURCES Studies published in English-language journals were retrieved by searching MEDLINE (1966-April(More)
1. The calling, courtship and aggression songs ofT. oceanicus have distinctive temporal patterns but their spectral compositions are very similar: the carrier frequency occurs around 4.5 kHz and harmonics occur which extend above background noise level up to at least 40 kHz (Fig. 1). 2. Units were recorded in the cervical connectives which responded to(More)
1. The directionality of the auditory organ in the cricketsGryllus campestris andTeleogryllus oceanicus was investigated by recording auditory responses in the prothoracic leg nerve using a whole-nerve recording technique. 2. In both species the occurrence of substantial left-right directionality was maximal at frequencies around the carrier frequency of(More)
It is widely accepted that physical activity is beneficial to bone. However, the specific relationships of muscle strength to bone mineral density (BMD) are poorly understood. We examined strength and BMD in 59 women aged 18-31 years who ranged in exercise patterns from sedentary to active. Mineral density of the right proximal femur (hip) and spine (L2-4)(More)
A substantial body of cross-sectional data and a smaller number of intervention trials generally justify optimism that regular physical activity benefits the skeleton. We conducted an 8 month controlled exercise trial in a group of healthy college women (mean age = 19.9 years) who were randomly assigned to a control group or to progressive training in(More)
64-bit processor architectures like the Intel® Itanium®Processor Family are designed for large applicationsthat need large memory addresses.When runningapplications that fit within a 32-bit address space, 64-bitCPUs are at a disadvantage compared to 32-bit CPUsbecause of the larger memory footprints for their data.This results in worse cache and(More)