Brian Sullivan

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To evaluate the efficacy of surveillance colonoscopy with biopsy for the detection of high-grade dysplasia (HGD) or colonic carcinoma in patients with chronic ulcerative colitis, we undertook a retrospective review of 248 patients who underwent 370 examinations (mean duration of disease 12 yr). High-grade dysplasia or carcinoma was found in 24 examinations(More)
The clinical, roentgenographic and endoscopic findings in 14 patients with Crohn's disease of the stomach and/or duodenum are described. To date, this is the largest series of endoscopic findings of Crohn's disease of gastroduodenal region. The endoscopic findings include (1) mucosal nodularity or "cobblestoned" mucosa; (2) multiple aphthous-like(More)
Perfluorocarbon liquids have been used to facilitate surgery in a wide variety of conditions, including proliferative vitreoretinopathy, giant retinal tears, drainage of suprachoroidal hemorrhages, diabetic traction, retinal detachments with a rhegmatogenous component, dislocated crystalline or intraocular lenses, and retinal detachment associated with(More)
Epigastric pain and melena prompted the study of a woman with cutaneous neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen's disease). Roentgenographic and endoscopic examination demonstrated an ulcerated polypoid neurilemoma of the duodenum. It was removed by endoscopic electrosurgery. Neurogenic tumors of the intestine are rare, but should be considered in the(More)
Thirty-five pancreatograms were selected from 62 which were obtained during endoscopic cannulation of the papilla of Vater with retrograde injection of radiopaque medium. Pancreatograms were selected on the basis of the quality of the study and on the absence of any clinically demonstrable pancreatic disease. Measurements were made of the main pancreatic(More)